Having a professional experience helps in building successful startups.

Of course, there are a few cases where entrepreneurs have established a successful business without having much professional experience.

But most people prefer to go with work experience before plunging into the business.

This gives you the time to hone your skills and learn the bits and pieces of running a business.

If you don’t have much time then you should opt for freelancing option.

This way you will have experience in your field and can become best in that.

Additionally, you won’t have the restriction of time and place.

Let’s see some of the great reasons to have experience before starting your business:

  1. You Can Get a Great Head Start: This gives you a head start that people acquire after years teaching in MBAs. You get explore of giving presentations, managing projects and gain insights into various processes of a business.
  2. Makes Your Choices Clear: This way you can evaluate whether you are interested in the field you were planning to invest in? After that can decide what kind of business plan you want to run. Having a professional experience helps you learn your strengths and weaknesses. This helps you decide what works and where you need to do certain changes.
  3. Learn Skills and Time Management: The perks of working in a large company is you can have a room for making mistakes. There are experts to rectify them as it goes through a quality check process. You don’t necessarily have to make mistakes to learn. You can evaluate your success and always look for the scope of improvements. Getting the know-how of being business drive can help you in time management and learn the required skills.
  4. Choose the Right Job: It’s better to get the right job to experience real business rather than just collecting the documents. We would recommend you to go for a profile that can offer more insights into your potential business. Some of the general profiles are listed below that can help you get some good skill set. This may differ based on the business niche.

a) Marketing and Advertising

The field of marketing and advertising offers you with a wide knowledge of how to reach to the target audience for product and service. Additionally, you can utilize the connections that you may have formed during your job in the new venture.

b) Business Development

The business development profile can help you establish some strong skills. You can become well-versed in identifying good opportunities for your business. This will help you grow your business that is undoubtedly an invaluable benefit.

c) Design

A design profile can help you with skills to create your product or service and put more insights regardless of where you have worked.

d) Social Media and E-commerce

Almost every business is utilizing social media platforms to attract an audience or for brand awareness. Gaining knowledge about search engine optimization and online sales can help you make a strong presence in the digital world. Regardless of your business size, you will need to create brand awareness and may also need to run ads to attract customers.

e) Management

You can easily find a management position in any industry. Whether you have just started in this field or have moved upwards, management profile can help you know how to communicate and build leadership qualities.

f) Web or App Developer

Technology is the requirement of every business. Work-related to technology will help you improve your skillset and pass on the skills to others when you start your business.

g) Real Estate

You can build sales, communication and marketing skills by working in real estate profile.

h) Account Executive

An account executive profile offers you a chance to generate income and achieve some difficult goals. You can learn the skills to sell service or product that helps you with your business

i) Product Manager

In a manger profile, you have to work on a product, conduct research and take care of development, manufacture and distribution phases. You can apply the same knowledge with your product.

You can choose from the above profiles based on your business plan.

Having a professional experience will help you become a better entrepreneur.

So, go ahead, start your job and then plan your business.

All the best!


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