7 Benefits of using user-generated content for marketing

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Ditch the traditional ways of marketing, it’s time to revamp the marketing game by using the modern means of marketing like UGC.

Put in simple words, user-generated content or UGC is the content created by the user itself.

Making the right use of such content and fetching the content that benefits your brand can make you leverage your sales smartly.

Stats also signify the benefits of user-generated content for marketing your brand.

According to popular research, a whopping 92% of users trust user-generated content more than traditional advertising.

Moreover, UGC is more useful for customers in taking better buying decisions.

Benefits of user-generated content for marketing

1) Helps in the best content curation

UGC is the best form of content curation.

Content curation is the finding, sourcing and sharing the best content from a third party over a specific topic and present it in a manner to add value to the product or service.

UGC is already considered as the easiest and most convenient way of finding content for your digital platforms with unlimited advantage.

What’s stopping you from playing your part!

2) Boosts digital presence and growth

Digital presence is all made up of an active social media account over various social media platforms.

UGC and social media platforms go hand in hand. Without one neither can flourish.

The best way to create UGC is through hashtag campaigns.

It’s the most viral and effective UGC campaign that can create a social buzz and can initiate social presence growth.

Be it mega food chains like Starbucks or clothing brands like H&M, optical brands like Lenskart, each of them have their UGC campaigns game strong.

Once you seek people’s input through the hashtag campaigns, it is also important to provide worth to their efforts by acknowledging them.

Engaging and interacting with your customers is key after all.

3) Adds to SEO efforts

Did you know that the 25% top search results of the world’s top brands include the links to user-generated content?

This way you can make your customers see the positive reviews of your product or service placed out there by the users of the brand. This also helps in increasing SEO rankings.

Also, including the backlinks of blogs published by bloggers relating to your product or service can help in improving SEO results.

4) Understanding the audience’s desires

One of the most underrated benefits of user-generated content is that it helps brands to gain insights into their audience’s minds.

The type of content users shares and analyzing such content can turn out to be a gamechanger.

For instance, don’t just highlight the positive reviews but also try to mend the faults that customer talks about in the negative reviews you. Try to understand their complaints and work forward to improve them.

Before launching a UGC campaign and to make sure your audience contribute to it, align your audience, choose the right channel and format.

You can also collaborate with influencers big or small to spread a word about it.

5) Give way to personalization

Personalized content is in the core of UGC.

Stats says around 71% of the users prefer personalized ads and are better engaged with them.

To make the best out of UGC, find out what excites your audience most, what activity your audience will be likely to indulge in to create content.

Using this knowledge, you should create a well build UGC campaign and wait for the content to happen.

This also encourages smooth customer-brand relationships and the audience can engage with the brand better knowing the brand values their opinions and feedback.

6) Reliability and authenticity

When the audience sees UGC content being flashed at events, digital screens, over social media platforms, they are in a better position to trust the brand’s authentic presence.

UGC helps users to trust a brand and check for its authenticity. With so many fake products and companies present in the market, it makes it difficult for users to identify a reliable and authentic product.

Around 63% of the users check online reviews and feedback before making buying decisions.

UGC helps in bridging that gap and in turn, is advantageous for the good company to not lose its customers.

7) Increase conversion and dwelling rates

Diverting traffic to your e-commerce website is the key to potential sales.

But to convert these potential sales to actual sales, it’s highly important to increase the conversion rates.

Increasing the dwelling rate of your website helps in achieving it.

Making the fullest use of UGC by enhancing your website visuals can make companies achieve all three.

Embedding UGC on your website is the easiest and efficient way of putting UGC to use and benefit from it highly.

The talk of the town, UGC and its benefits are far-reaching.

Consult good social media managers and take the help of the smart tools to leverage your UGC and your business growth.

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