50 Interesting Businesses Ideas with Less Than $100 in Budget

Check out the 100 business ideas that can work for you to start a new business with less than $100.
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Don’t like working for someone else?

Are you considering the idea of starting your own business?

Your business doesn’t have to cost you lifelong savings.

Check out the 100 business ideas that can work for you to start a new business with less than $100.

  1. YouTube Vlogger: YouTube vlogging doesn’t necessarily need a camera crew. You can just put your laptop, smartphone or any camera into work. All you need to invest is time and great content. This is one of the amazing business startup ideas.
  2. Direct Sales Representative: You can become a local sales representative to inform people about a certain product for companies like Avon. You can also buy a starter kit that may cost you $100 for in-depth knowledge.
  3. Tutor/Trainer: Choose a skill that you excel in and become a tutor for that. You need to have the knowledge for it and rest your student will provide.
  4. Consulting: If you are not interested in teaching then go for a consulting job. Just pick a specific area where you have the expertise and knowledge and start your consulting company. All you need to invest in is a website and business card.
  5. Online Educating Products: And if you neither want to go with consulting nor teaching then offer your skill in some other way. Create your online courses, eBooks, or video tutorials. The digital copies won’t cost you much and this is an emerging business idea. You can easily sell your courses online with the help of third-party websites like Udemy, Edureka, Skillshare or on other popular education platforms.
  6. Senior Companion in Home: There are numerous old age people in search of a company. Even many families actively search for advice on ways to take care of their loved one in old age.
  7. Grocery Deliverer: One of the booming businesses yet not many areas are eligible for it. You can start grocery delivery services. Just take out your car and reach the destination.
  8. Freelancing: This business needs your talent in any specific area, a laptop, and the internet. You can make an account on freelancing platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, and Freelancer and create gigs to start and earn thousands.
  9. Auto Repair: Do you own auto repair tools? Why not start your business in the garage? People who don’t have space can begin with a mobile repair business. Here you have to reach to the destination of the broken-down vehicle.
  10. Sharing Economy: Nowadays people opt for renting rather than purchasing. You can put a refrigerator, sofa, and whatnot into the rent. You can start by renting garden equipment. In case you don’t have any of the tools, then buy them within $100.
  11. Handyman: Can you take care of minor repairs like sealing pipe of the kitchen sink? This business is in demand and won’t cost you much. You can begin with a platform like TaskRabbit to give your business a heads up.
  12. Social Media Manager: Social media platforms are the greatest marketing channels for business but some just don’t have enough time or skill to manage them all. You can remotely offer the services at any time of the day.
  13. Menu Planning: People can’t make a decision when it comes to making menu choices. They are ready to hire people who can plan it for them. This business doesn’t require any investment.
  14. Pet-sitter: You can start this business by taking care of the pet of your friends and family when they are out and doesn’t have anybody to take care of them.
  15. Dropshipping: You just need an e-commerce shop to start with your dropshipping business. The buyers can purchase a product from your website and suppliers will directly send it to the buyer. This way you will make a profit without even owning any products.
  16. Lawn Care: Do you like being in a garden? Lawn care is a great business option for you. You need garden tools like weed-whacker, lawnmowers and you are good to go. You need to make an investment in marketing your service that can be done within $100.
  17. Homemade Gourmet Products: Whether it’s chocolates or jellies, few people just love these gourmet products. All you need to buy is packaging material and invest in marketing.
  18. Snow Removal: This business is for cold climatic areas. You can help your friends, neighbours to get rid of snow and eventually establish this as your business.
  19. Window Cleaning: Who loves cleaning window? I guess nobody! People are ready to pay for this chore especially if the windows are complicated or big. You require some basic tools to get started with the business.
  20. Professional Organizer: We all have our rooms filled with a lot of materialistic things. You can start a business of professional organizers to get your home in order. Your business advertisement could start at $20.
  21. Blogging: You can start your blog with a topic that you are familiar with. Once you have acquired a good amount of followers then you can proceed with affiliate marketing.
  22. Interior Designer: Most of the entrepreneurs and homeowners need an interior designer to organize their spaces.
  23. Virtual Assistant: This job is the same as a personal assistant but can be done remotely. You have to take a phone call and manage emails and schedules.
  24. Project Management: Some of the businesses lose their client due to lack of project managers. There are plenty of businesses that hire project managers outside the company and the rest of their in-house team can stay focused.
  25. Life Coaching: Are you good at resolving problems? You can go for life coaching and get paid on an hourly basis.
  26. Homemade Cosmetic Products: You can prepare high-quality product at home with little money. This business indeed needs skill and time. You can invest in learning some basic skills and start your business.
  27. Catering: If you are a great cook but don’t have the investment to buy a space then start it from your kitchen.
  28. Secretarial Services: The demand for services like proofreading, typing and transcribing is a lot in the market. All you need is a printer, laptop, and skills to start the business.
  29. Mobile Repair: All this need is mobile repair skill. You can visit the place of your customer and fix their mobile. To make people familiar with your work, you can make basic videos on how to fix basic repairs and put them online.
  30. Personal Trainer: Are you a fitness freak? You can help people stay fit and reduce their weight. Get some basic tools and the right training to get started.
  31. Content Creator: Many technical businesses need content weekly. You can leverage your technical knowledge to write about blogs and websites.
  32. Property Managing: There are a lot of real estate businesses that have various properties and can’t look after them. You can start with a property managing business to fill the space. This business doesn’t need any investment.
  33. Holiday Decorator: People decorate their home and office for holiday and festival. You can make preparation and decorate the office and home for people who don’t have the time to make it happen.
  34. Tour Guide: If you are well familiar with your areas then you can start your personalized tour guide business.
  35. Affiliate Marketing: If you are a blogger with a decent amount of followers, then approach companies of the same niche for affiliate marketing.
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  36. Pet Grooming: Are you a pet lover? You can make money out of bathing and cutting nails of the pets.
  37. Bookkeeper: Many businesses don’t have the time to organize their files. They hire people to do the work for them.
  38. Logo Design: Creative people can start by designing a customized logo or templates for businesses.
  39. Translator: Businesses are willing to pay people who can work as a translator for them.
  40. Photographer: Photographers are always required for special events like birthdays, weddings, anniversaries. Just grab the camera and get started with the business.
  41. Framing: You need to invest in tools like a matte-cutter, tape, mitre boxes, stapler, sander, and a few others to start your framing business.
  42. Online Content Creator: Businesses that don’t have in-house content writer need a freelancer to do the job for them.
  43. Sell Plants: If you have a space to grow plants then you can proceed with selling plants online.
  44. Recycle Scrap Metal: You can collect junks like broken dryers and other things to scrap metal from them. The most expensive metals are copper and aluminium.
  45. Consultant for internet security: Businesses are concerned about their hardware and software safety. You can become a consultant for internet security without much cost.
  46. Referral Services: You can start referral services like informing a new family or business about the vendor, restaurants or babysitters. All you need to do is market yourself.
  47. Packing service: You can help business and people pack when they moving from a place. Nothing expensive is required in the investment; all you need is boxes and tape.
  48. Promotion: If you have good networking or marketing experience, then you can charge for creating buzz around an event.
  49. Makeup Artist: Whether it’s a birthday bash or special occasion, you can charge people for getting them ready.
  50. Customized Care Packages: You can make customized car products that people purchase to gift their loved one. Just fill a basket with goodies and create holiday packages.

Hope you liked our business ideas and will execute them soon.

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