Travel App: Here Is The Cost To Develop Mobile App Like Red Bus

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The only constant is change and people who use smartphones know this very well.

Plenty of business owners have extended their transactions to online platforms.

And provided the recent trends in demand, the transportation sector saw massive changes.

You can that logistic and transport apps are changing our future.

A major player in this niche today is definitely Red Bus.

Mobile App Like Red Bus is now gaining popularity and if you want to make an app like it, then you’re at the right place.

However, if you’re a business wanting to explore this niche, often, you can’t find proper information regarding specifics—like costs.

This is a big problem that you encounter before you can start development.

So, help you along your journey to make the best app like Redbus booking, read on.

Features of Red Bus

Red Bus is among the leading booking portals for buses in India. Launched in 2006, this app covers 2000 operators including 100,000 routes in the country.

The app has been downloaded by more than 7.5 million customers, Red Bus is the biggest app for bus travelers.

Red Bus also has branches in Bangladesh, Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia. You can find Red Bus on Windows, iOS, and Android app stores.

Here are some features of this app that can be of benefit to you:

  1. You can choose a bus based on customer feedback and ratings, bus operators, drop and pick points, departure times, bus types, and prices.
  2. You select from a range of buses including non-A/C, seater, A/C, semi-sleeper, and sleeper buses.
  3. You can pay using debit and credit cards, PayTM wallets, and online banking.
  4. You can track your bus live
  5. You can also book hotels while on the movie at affordable rates from more than 20,000 hotels in 1000 cities

There are even more features, depending on the person using the app. For instance, users will have different features than of bus operators. Here is a brief look into what features bus operators will have on Red Bus:

  1. Ticket module
  2. Discounts and offers
  3. Reviews and ratings
  4. Analytics and reports
  5. Payments
  6. Support and feedback
  7. Refund management
  8. Timing and route management
  9. In case the operator runs multiple buses, they also have a space for vehicle management.

Now let us look at some of the features the web admin can see in case you want to know how to create a website like Redbus:

  1. User management
  2. Tickets management
  3. Routes management
  4. Banner management
  5. Admin team management
  6. Bus operator management
  7. Payments
  8. Support and feedback
  9. Analytics and reports
  10. Discount and offers management
  11. Rescheduling, refund, cancellation module
  12. Category management

Why Should You Make Mobile App Like Red Bus?

The Cost of Making a Mobile App Like Red Bus

To breakdown the cost, let us look at each end-use of the app and the side that will be using it.


For a Mobile App Like Red Bus, the customer is obviously the most important. The app would have to provide the best user experience and it should be easy for them to book seats. Basically, you need to keep the design and features on the customer-end should be engaging, automatic, and simple. For this, the estimated development time would be a total of 34 hours (approx).


For drivers, the app needs to be simple since they need to do a lot there. From payment to route details, they need access to all. It also needs to connect them to the operators and offer them with updates in real-time.


This is optional but if your operation enlarges along the way and you have a certain amount of buses on the roads, you could end up needing a separate module for the operator. So, when estimating the budget, keep a space for this.

Admin Dashboard

The dashboard is going to be the place where all the buses will be managed, so will be payments and bookings among other things. You can maintain your app, assign routes for buses, track vehicles, and so on.

Important Sidenote: GPS Integration

This is a critical feature for any kind of travel app. GPS integration is not only limited to the bus’s live location but for automatic detection of the location of the users when they log in.

This supports the users to estimate when they should leave their homes or how far the pickup location is.

As many riders prefer tracking vehicles on their phones after the booking is done, it also keeps users busy till the bus arrives.

On the driver-end, the GPS helps them to know where the rider is, gas stations, and bus stops.

Along with live updates of traffic, the driver would also want to see the estimated time of arrival. On the operator-end, they would need to track every vehicle for logistics reasons.

In case a bus gets stolen or lost, they can recover it quickly. The total time to do all this could be approximately 90 hours.

In all, when making a Mobile App Like Red Bus, it will take dedication and time.

Obviously, the price and time will rely on the features you require.

But roughly, the time spent on developing an app like Red Bus, you would need 120 to 180 hours (or even more than that) and the cost can be anywhere from 20,000 USD to 40,000 USD.

Final Words
The cost of developing a Mobile App Like Red Bus solely depends on the number of features you want in it and travel apps usually need good, sensible, and simple features on every end, you would need to carefully budget.

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