7 All-Time Favorite Co-Working Spaces In New York

Here are some of the best co-working spaces in New York according to us.
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Co-working spaces are a relatively newer concept which offers a space for freelancers, organizations, startups, independent entrepreneurs and any sort of collaborative forces.

This sort of space does not follow any corporate rules and regulations and does not have any fixed work hours as such.

The reason why co-working spaces are so popular is that more and more people are quitting their regular corporate jobs and following their own path.

Since this is still something unheard of compared to what the status quo is, these independent workers sense a lack of community, which a great co-working space has the power to provide.

Here, people get to meet like-minded people, build a strong network of connections which may help them out in the future.

Apart from freelancers and independent workers, many new-age corporates are also opting for co-working spaces to attract a younger and fresher employee-base.

Co-working spaces are known for being quirky, colorful and fun – just the kind of environment one needs to get the creative juices flowing and facilitate interesting interactions!

So why is this concept so popular in New York?

Firstly, rent prices are through the roof, so it is very difficult for startups and small organizations to hire a space for their employees.

Co-working spaces are their best bet.

Also, the fact that New York is so densely populated makes having several different offices a pain.

In a place filled with so many people who are hustling day in and day out, co-working spaces are the best and the most fun solution.

A recent statistic shows that there are about half a million freelancers in New York itself.

And most of this crowd comprises of a young dynamic group of millennials who are always looking for the next best thing and refuse to give in to the regular societal norms.

These are the people who believe in doing what they love and making their own rules.

With the growing number of people venturing into the professional world independently, the need for co-working spaces is bigger right now than ever.

Here are some of the best co-working spaces in New York according to us.

7 Best Coworking Spaces in New York

#1 Bond Collective

WIth 5 different locations in New York itself and one in Philadelphia (for all the lucky Philly folks reading this article), the bond collective has taken the concept of co-working space and elevated to a level which is super impressive.

Bond Collective has a sophisticated feel to it, with a casual flair, which makes it a comfortable space for different types of people to just be themselves.

The Bond Collective offers different services – from a “Daily Pass” option, which means that people can pay a fixed price and use the space as they wish, or sign up for different membership options such as Co-Working membership (which has a monthly fee), private membership (at a monthly fee), or even book conference rooms by the hour.

Amenities at the Bond Collective –

  • Open 24/7
  • Awesome WiFi speed
  • DIfferent rooms available for different purposes (conference rooms, private cubicles)
  • Daily cleaning services
  • A place for workers to keep their bikes
  • A great concession food market
  • Workers can access any of the different Bond Collective locations
  • Fully furnished
  • Great reception
  • Complimentary spa water (hydration is so important!)

#2 SheWorks Collective

This lovely initiative was taken to provide a safe environment for women but welcomes all genders with open arms. While providing a space to work at ease was the main goal, the by-product results in a strong female community bond which is almost as important as their work, if not more.

Apart from acting as a workplace, the SheWorks Collective acts as a catalyst which enhances community building and promotes the growth of interesting business ideas.

This place also hosts a variety of workshops and talks and is truly the place to be if you are a young woman in NYC with big dreams and aspirations.

Amenities at SheWorks Collective –

  • It is functional 24/7
  • Meeting rooms
  • Amazing WiFi speed
  • Telephone booth
  • Requires no booking fees
  • Extremely flexible cancellations
  • Shared common kitchen
  • Mail service


This co-working space/community is based in a gorgeous part of Brooklyn. The space in itself is super modern with a touch of rustic beauty, which is what makes people come back again and again.

The professionals that work at FRIENDS belong to all different types of fields – from filmmakers to designers, this is a creative melting pot you have to see to believe.

You can only imagine the energy this place has to offer.

Now let’s talk about the interiors, shall we?

The general aesthetic of the place is wood and brick, giving it a warm rustic feel. To become a FRIENDS member, you need to choose between two options – a full-time or a floater.

As the name full-time suggests, you will have an assigned desk just for you. As a floater you will have access to space, but not a dedicated work station.

Amenities at FRIENDS –

  • 24/7 access to space
  • Separate telephone booths
  • Casual lounge area
  • Great internet
  • Monthly happy hours
  • Free coffee
  • Conference rooms
  • 30 work stations
  • Cafeteria

#4 Ignitia Office

Another co-working space in Brooklyn, Ignitia Office strikes the perfect balance between professional and laid back casual.

ignitia office
Image Credit: Ignitia Office

With sleek and modern interiors, this place is classy as well as inviting. It harbors many important and relevant people who are a part of a tight-knit community and you too can be a part of this!

You can become a monthly member of this awesome space and have access to some of the best amenities and take your work to the next level.

Amenities at Ignitia Office –

  • Private offices available
  • Has in-house restaurants
  • Super fast internet
  • Well equipped conference rooms
  • Community lounge area
  • Personalized desks
  • Coffee bar and a well-stocked pantry
  • Regular meetups for more networking

#5 The Farm

The Farm aims at bringing the farm feel of Missouri to the heart of New York City. This unique theme is what intrigues people and makes them come back for more.

This co-working space has a human and natural element to everything that you see. From the building to the interiors, everything was done keeping the theme in mind and bring a slice of the farm life into the Big Apple.

the farm
Image Credit: The Farm

You can take a Day Pass or even book yourself a dedicated workstation if you plan on visiting the place regularly.

It is also very easy on the pocket!

The Farm is a great place to go to if you want to disconnect from the crazy New York hustle and work in a stress-free peaceful environment.

Amenities at The Farm –

  • 24 * 7 access
  • Pet-friendly
  • Conference rooms
  • Telephone booths
  • Can print and scan documents
  • Can accommodate 45 people

#6 The Fueled Collective

One of the coolest co-working spaces in New York, the Fueled Collective has an edgy, almost hipster feel to it.

With some of the hottest startups functioning out of this space, you can be assured that you’ll have a lot of see and talk about when you step into this amazing space.

While the type of people this space attracts is very interesting, the perks this place has to offer are even better!

Can you believe it?

The general vibe of this place is very relaxed and easy-going, with zero importance given to the traditional corporate way of doing things.

But with that being said, it houses some of the most genius as well as genuine people who believe in doing good work and sharing their stories with everyone around them.

The Fueled Collective thrives on the concept of community and collaboration, and that is very evident from the get-go.

Amenities at The Fueled Collective –

  • A popcorn machine
  • An ice cream cart, all year round!
  • Fully stocked snacks pantry
  • 8 awesome conference rooms
  • Coffee bar
  • A ping pong table

#7 The Commons

Located in the iconic Upper East Side of New York City, The Commons is double storied space with a lot of personalities.

the commons coworking
Image Credit: The Commons

This space mostly attracts small business and startups. You can choose between having your own private cubicle, desk or just hang out with other workers in the lounge area.

The possibilities are endless at The Commons. Come on a day pass or become a member for an entire month, you can also tweak your membership as per your convenience.

You also have the option to choose different membership packages.

Only wish to go to a workspace once in a while?

Go for the daily pass. Only wish to come on the weekend?

Then the weekend package is the one for you. If you want to be regular, then they also have a monthly pass.

Amenities at The Commons –

  • Fresh tea and coffee at all times
  • Telephone booths
  • 24/7 access
  • Super fast internet speed
  • Well equipped conference rooms
  • Plenty of storage space
  • Super comfortable chairs
  • Regular happy hours and community lunches

Hope you liked our list of the best co-working spaces in New York.

If you would like to add your favorite co-working space, feel free to comment below or you can email us here We will review and add into our list.

Thank you for reading! 🙂

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