Fashion trends keep changing with time, and with this evolving fashion comes the awesome time in history where more men are tapping into the fashionista inside them.

Since the beginning of time, men have been enforced with the idea that they are not supposed to care about their clothes and how they present themselves to the world because that is an explicitly feminine thing to do.

But times are changing and more men are embracing all sides of their personality and putting in some care and thought into how they dress.

While fashion expression is a very personal choice, there are certain fashion secrets every man must know of to slay their game on an everyday basis.

The way you dress also massively influences your confidence levels and how others end up perceiving you.

If you are a man looking forward to upping your fashion game, then read this article and incorporate some tips in your life for a dazzling fashion journey!

  • Layer your outfits more
    Layering is an awesome way to hide things that you don’t like and enhance features of your aspect that you love.Is your shirt not ironed and has crease marks throughout?

    Then just throw on a bomber jacket or a blazer and you have totally elevated a mediocre look to a wow-worthy outfit.

    Wear a slim fit sweater over a polo shirt and voila!

    Your basic look now has an awesome facelift.

  • Have a signature accessory
    The best way to elevate any outfit is by having one main article of clothing or piece of accessory which should be the focal point of the whole look.This is a great way to get people to notice you without seeming too over the top.

    The best way to implement this fashion rule is to select your focus piece and build the rest of the look around it.

  • Go for types of denim with a bit of stretch
    Never underestimate the power of clothes which fit you well and hug you in all the right places.Ill-fitting clothes are the biggest fashion no-nos and with stretch materials, you are easily able to make up for all your problem areas and look flawless!

    We personally swear by stretch denim jeans and also chinos and slacks which have a bit of stretch to them.

  • Get a funky pocket square
    Have you chosen to wear a blazer out on a date?One thing you can do take your outfit to the next level is adding a pocket square.

    Pocket squares are small kerchief type things which you pop into the pocket of your blazer.

    Usually, this accessory is in a color of contrast so that it adds an element of fun to the whole look. You can get creative and choose pocket squares in a variety of patterns and colors.

  • Experiment with patterns
    Gone are the days when men were expected to only wear dull and drab blues, greys and blacks.These days, it’s all about the colors! Pastels, pinks, and purples, men can pull them all off and how!

    Remember, colors do not have any gender, so you as a man should never feel ashamed for including more color in your wardrobe.

    Experimenting is fun and also super important!

  • Show off your ankles once in a while
    By this, we mean that your pants should cut off at the right place and not be too long.Showing a bit of skin gives you a whole new dimension and draws more attention to your shoes.

    Also, this is a popular trend which we predict will stay for a long time to come.

  • Invest in a smart pair of shoes
    Shoes can make or break an outfit.Can you imagine being dressed oh-so-smart but then throwing on a pair of flip flops? Blasphemy!

    Dress shoes are ideal for almost every occasion – when you’re going for work or going to the bar to grab a drink.

    Get some dress shoes!

  • Try a pop of color from time to time
    The time for being dull and drab is over!Incorporate color back into your wardrobe so that you can breathe some life into your fashion sense.

    Be it a bright pair of shoes, a brightly colored collar or an accented belt, choose one item which draws the right kind of attention.

  • Make sure your blazers and coats are well-fitted and tailored
    Never underestimate the power of a well-fitting blazer. It gives your upper torso shape and definition and gives you a clean and crisp look rather than seeming droopy and sloppy.Tailored clothes are the way to go!

    Also remember, if you don’t wear tailored clothes, you can seem bigger than you really are.

  • Choose between a belt or suspenders
    As a rule of thumb, never wear both a belt and a pair of suspenders at the same time. Make your mind up and choose one of the two.

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