6 Free SEO Tools you should be using in 2020

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It is imperative to incorporate an SEO tool in your marketing strategies.

No matter what you do without a good SEO tool, your strategies stand non-existent.

But the battle does not end here.

There are so many tools in the market these days that picking the best one can be overwhelming.

However, it is quite evident that a website is optimized continuously for the purpose of increased traffic and enhanced customer experience.

This means to offer a seamless and customer-friendly experience, you have to use tools that are effective and technically sound.

Here is a list of top free SEO tools that will help marketers increase organic presence and optimize websites for improved results.

1) Google Analytics

screenshot of Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the vital tools that has ever existed, and I am not trying to exaggerate this point.

If you are not using Google Analytics, you will lack the information and data it provides.

Google Analytics provides detailed information that is of high quality and informative.

The other tools that provide data like this are basically inspired by Google Analytics.

So, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that this tool will help you track your performance and understand which source is contributing to your website traffic.

2) Answer the public

I came across this tool a few years back, and since then, I have been using it to increase user engagement.

Yes, precisely, this tool can help you know what people are searching for and what is the current trend in the search results.

Having said that, let’s see how exactly does this tool work.

First and foremost, you have to keep in mind that this tool creates questions based out of a single search query.

Second, it is adept at creating long-tail keywords. In turn, you can use these keywords for ranking the featured snippets.

But make sure you create the right piece of content with the help of Answer the Public.

3) SEMrush

screenshot of semrush dashboard

A keyword researcher must lay hands on this tool as soon as he or she begins with the process of keyword analysis.

It is one of the recognized and best tools to date in the marketing world.

Perhaps it is true because the features of this tool help you perform keyword research like no other.

Not only this but SEMrush will also help you audit backlinks and improve the domain authority of the website.

Through careful analysis and clever use of this tool, you can rank for competitive keywords.

4) Google Tag Manager

screenshot of google tag manager

It is another free SEO tool by Google which helps you to manage multiple tracking codes or tags at one place.

It saves your developer time and extra cost to manage multiple tracking codes from different- different tools.

It can help you in the setup of heatmaps, scroll tracking, conducting surveys, tracking people actions on your website and monitoring form submissions.

In case you are running an ecommerce website and looking to track Add to Cart and Abandon Cart button then I recommend using this tool. It is much easier than the Google analytics event setup.

5) Google Search Console

screenshot of google search console

With the help of this tool, you can track website health and monitor your performance on the Google search engine.

It provides you with some essential metrics like website clicks, impressions, CTR, queries, keywords position, errors, warnings, etc.

So, as a marketer, always remember to keep up with the dashboard.

6) Woorank

screenshot of woorank

Woorank is another website review tool with features that help you conduct both on-page and off-page SEO.

Woorank is an SEO checker, and with its assistance, you can give your team specific instructions, and in turn, they can use the same to improve their performance.

Although, as soon as you open this tool, you will see an actionable checklist.

The checklist will be your report card.

It will show you the issues in dire need of fixation and also the result of pages that are performing well.

So it wouldn’t be wrong to say that Woorank is the report card of your performance as a marketer.

I hope you liked our list of free SEO tools that can help you attain success in the digital marketing world, especially if you have recently embarked on this journey.

Make sure you make the most out of these tools and use them to drive maximum traffic.

Comment down below your favorite SEO tools.

Thank you for reading 🙂

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