As Halloween is just around the corner, we have brought up a list of haunted places in Greater Manchester.
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Hailing with spooky backstories, mysteries and unexplainable phenomena, haunted places in Manchester have always attained the attention of people.

The majority of these get transformed into many new inventions and discoveries, while some others get renowned as the ghost stories.

Manchester has a plethora of ghostly sites that are accompanied by many deaths to entail.

These have been marking their existence for decades and are continually experiencing innumerable paranormal activities!

As Halloween is just around the corner, we have brought up a list of haunted places in Greater Manchester.

Top 10 Haunted Places in Manchester

Time for you to steel your nerves and have a glance at these scary hubs:

1. Albert Hall :

albert hall
Image Source: Manchester Finest

As the stories are narrated, it is said that its ground floor has been taken over by a poltergeist. The people from the staff of the Brannigans pub have seen a ghost smashing everything and pushing the people present there.

2. Ordsall Hall, Salford :

ordsall hall salford
Image Source: Ordsall Hall

Ordsall Hall is the spookiest place ever! Many tales revolve around it and were featured on a TV series named Most Haunted. A White Lady has been spotted here many times. She is recognized as Queen Elizabeth I’s maid of honour or Margaret Radclyffe who died in the year 1599 due to a broken heart.

3. Manchester Cathedral :

manchester cathedral
Image Source: Manchester Cathedral

It was the time during the late 1840s when a man claimed to have seen his sister who was living far off from him. He tried to call the woman, but she always disappeared. However, suddenly he got news of sister Fanny’s death. Isn’t that scary?

4. Underground Manchester :

underground manchester
Image Credit: phill.d

During the prevalence of World War II, many puzzling underground tunnels were constructed. You can get your tickets booked for a ghost walk amidst these tunnels. Here, you will witness remains of a tube station, air raid shelters and shops too!

5. Coronation Street set, Salford Quays :

coronation street set
Image Credit: Coronation Street Tour

As notified by the crew of ITV soap, the Coronation Street Set is quite haunted. During the shoot, they came across many mishaps happening frequently. On researching more about it, it is said that the ghosts of dead dock workers are present here.

6. The Ring O Bells, Middletown :

the ring o bells
Image Credit: Manchesters Finest

There is a majorly recognized and also the oldest pub present in Middleton. It has been named as The Ring O Bells. It has been experienced that there were many paranormal activities here. They include sliding along the bar and glasses too. The ghost here makes sounds which are peculiar and also with his footsteps.

7. Wardley Hall, Worsley :

wardley hall
Image Credit: Wardley Hall

You would have read this name in the very famous Domesday Book. However, it has now been nicknamed as the Skull House. The hall has got such a name due to a tale in which a skull didn’t get buried even after hundreds of attempts.

8. The Royal Exchange Theatre, Machester :

the royal exchange theatre
Image Credit: Royal Exchange

This theatre originally served as a cotton trade centre. It is said that an actor, as well as founding artistic director James Maxwell, has been haunting this place. Also, a ghost lady known to be finely dressed is present here.

9. Smithills Hall :

smithills halls
Image Credit: Friends of Smithills

The staff and many visitors have said that they have experienced some ghostly vibrations in this hall. Many spirits are pinching near the Bower and Solar rooms. They have seen a small figure near the tea room too.

10. Manchester Town Hall :

manchester town hall
Image Credit: Wikipedia

A Victorian policeman is known to haunt the Manchester Town Hall. He is spotted many times in the corridors of this site. This spirit has been gaining the attention of the visitors towards Manchester Town Hall.

The haunted places in Manchester have always ensured bone curdling adventures for the people.

You would be drawn towards their supernatural aura and have an encounter with the paranormal activities there.

Their existence is debated since a bygone era.

Those mentioned above are the scariest places in Manchester.

Grab the spooky fun here and celebrate Halloween like none else.

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