How Businesses Can Grow Their Brand Through Video Marketing

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Video marketing is the future of a business content marketing strategy.

It is the most common form of entertainment or content online that people like to view.

About 54% of consumers or potential buyers prefer to watch video content from their favorite brands.

The increase in the demand for video content is due to our ability as a visual creature.

Since videos are informative, convenient, and easy to understand and connect with emotionally, people tend to prefer it more.

Therefore, digital marketing professionals or businesses try to create one for their brand.

Using video as a content marketing strategy has a lot of benefits for a business.

If you aren’t convinced by this statement then, we will show you how videos can grow your brand.


They are Easily Found on Google’s Search Engine Result Page

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Being on top of Google’s search engine takes a lot of optimization and requires patience. One content that can boost your business is making a creative video.

This form of media increases click-through rates by 157%. It also lowers the bounce rate and provides high-quality backlinks.

Therefore, optimizing your video for Google’s ranking is crucial, as it can bring more traffic to your website.

Why optimized your video?

When you optimized your video, search engines like Google and Bing can easily put you on top of their Search Engine Result Page.

If this happens, more traffic can enter your site, which means more leads that can be converted to loyal customers.

How to optimize your videos?

Here are simple ways on how you can optimize your video for search engines.

  • Choose the right place to host your video.
  • Create an attention-grabbing title and description.
  • Don’t forget about the thumbnail. It must be as good as the title and description. According to Wordstream, their videos with a human thumbnail increases their play rate.
  • Use a transcription service. Since Google or other search engine bots cannot understand video content, adding a transcription can help. You could either type it manually or use automated services.
  • Share your videos online.
  • Use only a single video on your content if it’s the one you want to promote.
  • Search engine crawlers stops at the first video.
  • Your video and your website’s content must be relevant.
  • Add links but do not overwhelm it.

They are Highly Engaging

Videos are highly engaging as people prefer watching a brand’s product than reading about it.

It’s a fast-growing form of media that even Facebook assumes their content will become mostly videos by 2021.

About 66% of consumers prefer to watch videos than reading products, according to Wyzowl.

Even HubSpot says that 54% of customers want to view videos more than any content.

YouTube is the second most used search engine after Google, which shows that people are watching more videos daily than ever.

That’s about one billion hours of videos watched daily.

It is safe to conclude that the high engagement towards video content can drive more potential customers for your brand.

If your business caters to people ages 18 to 34 years old, video content works better, as this age group are the most common to engage in video content.

Expand Your Reach

Going online for your business brings a lot of benefits. There is a lot of opportunities that can lead to the growth of your business. Since everybody spends their time online, it is no doubt that building your presence on different online platforms is vital.

Social media is one of the best places to start building your presence. It’s where you get to see more and more business content online. 

Since video content is highly engaging, it’s certainly one of the most shared content online. You can see videos every day on social media like Facebook and Instagram. People spend hours watching videos online, and if they like the content they see, they share it on various platforms.

If your videos can reach different platforms, it can bring more traffic and leads to your business.

It Builds Trust and Relationship with Your Customers

Videos show the personal and human side of a business. With this, people or potential customers can easily connect with your brand. After all, businesses don’t just sell products, they also connect and build relationships with people.

Creating content like behind the scenes or about your employees or other customers can show how you care. That’s when people see the human side of your business. This kind of video builds trust and relationships with your potential customers.

Increase Conversion Rate

According to Social Media Today, about 90% of consumers said that watching a video helps them with their purchasing decision. The number shows that video marketing is an effective means to grow your business.

Therefore, creating videos for your blog content, social media accounts, and landing pages increases the conversion rate. Furthermore, video content makes people stay on your site a little longer, which means more time to browse your products.

Most effective and helpful videos to create are tutorials or how your product is being used. People would appreciate seeing how your product works. And, you can also add some videos about your customers’ experience of your product.


Now that you have an idea of how video content marketing can grow your business, here are some types of content you can create for your marketing strategy.

  • Vlogs
  • Behind-the-scenes
  • Live videos
  • Giveaway/ contests
  • Product review or testimonials from customers
  • Interview/ Q&A
  • 360 videos


This 2020, investing in creating video content for your brand is the best decision you’ll be making for your business.

Since most people stay at home because of this pandemic, videos online are their most common escape or entertainment used.

Furthermore, your competitors are already using such a strategy for their business. Don’t be left behind. Start planning content that will help reach more customers and gain more sales.

Start connecting with people and see how quickly they will become your loyal customers.

Guest Post Contributed by VANESSA VENUGOPAL
Vanessa Venugopal is a passionate content writer. With four years of experience, she mastered the art of writing in various styles and topics. She is currently writing for Softvire Australia and Softvire New Zealand.

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