Who doesn’t want to reach to their audience when bogging?

Indeed everyone!

But how to know what your audience wants?

At times you have to make a shift from your plan and dig deeper to find the trending topic to increase the traffic of your website.

Read our blogs to find out how to find the key trending topics for your niche.

You can quickly develop content that is shareable and clickable.

1. Mark Your Trending Tool

These trending tools will help you stay on track with the latest stories.

You need to create articles, video, and reviews to engage a wider audience.

This will help in establishing the authority of your domain.

a) Google Trends

This is the top tool to check the trending topic of your niche.

google trends

You can look at the rising searches based on your keywords, region, and date.

b) Reddit

You can see your niche latest trends through “Subreddits”.

reddit homepage screenshot

Reddit is a valuable tool to look for content and promote your brand. When you engage with trending topics this opens opportunities to widen your audience. You can boost your karma with posts to enhance your engagement opportunities.

c) Facebook

Most people use Facebook to share their thoughts, views and connect with friends. You can find diverse audience interacting here.

facebook screenshot

This makes Facebook a great place to look for the online trending topic. You can also look for hashtags that are popular in your niche, see trending things in Facebook groups and stay in touch with the events.

d) Twitter

This platform is the hub for online happenings. You can find social issues and celebrity news here.

twitter screenshot

Just visit the trending section to check-out online news and popular hashtags. Some of the things that you can do on Twitter are:

  • Follow brand
  • Follow public figures
  • Check trending section
  • See popular hashtags

2. Brainstorm for the Content Opportunities

You can look for content opportunities once you are done with creating trending topics.

This means creating something different from the already available articles on the internet.

This will give you a solid opportunity to increase your brand visibility.

brainstorm for the content opportunities

Some of the things you need to consider are:

a) What topics are your audiences interested in?

You need to see what your target audience wants in relation to your brand. Look for any relevant issue that is going around the target audience.

b) Look for the gaps in the prevalent floating topic

This means to look for the missing out topics that are not covered by your competitors yet. If you don’t find such opportunities then see if you can cover the news from an unexpected angle.

c) Make a list of things that your competitors are covering
This way you can easily see the trending subjects around your brands. It will help you cover topics from fresh and relevant content.

d) Check what kind of topics are preferred by your audience
You need to perform keyword research to get the highest searched keywords. After that, look for the content that has been visited by your target audience and try to replicate their format and strategy.

e) Look for the different strategies that have worked in the past
Irrespective of the trending topic, there is always a certain type of format or style that works among the target audience. Try to put that into your content.

3. Make Engaging Content

Image Credit: Portent Blog

Coming out with content with relevant topics has more rewards and low risk.

Some of the effective tricks to make content that boost traffic and increases links are given below:

a) Select from the Best Format
A blog is the first thing that comes to our mind when writing engaging content.

But at times a short video can cause more impact. Sometimes your audience is more interested in things that they can consume faster.

All you need to do is keep the main points ready and build your content around it.

b) Target a Wider Audience
We start creating content strategy keeping a set of audience in our mind.

But what actually drives result is your content reaching to the wider platform and shared by the audience.

This also means that you are not creating a conversion-friendly piece but your foremost targets are:

  • Generating Traffic
  • Attracting inbound links

c) Inculcate Infographics and Images
Adding these things will increase your engagement factor that will encourage people to share your content.

This way you can attract people who like different formats: video or written pieces. Not just that but you are also preparing your content to be used on other platforms.

You can share video on YouTube, graphics on Instagram and infographic in email, blogs and more.

This will result in opening more channels for traffic.

d) Optimize Content for Search Engines
You need to make your content SEO friendly by following best practices.

Even if your website is not optimized yet, still developing content to share across platforms will get you links.

You also need to optimize the content for mobile. This will make it easier for mobile users to share it across different platforms.

4. Repurpose Content Across Various Platforms

You need to repurpose the content for traffic and quality links.

social media platform

Start by making a list of social platform where your audience is most active. Now repurpose your content into different formats to make it shareable.

Some of the ideas that you can implement in your strategy are:

  • Take a picture from our articles and post them on your Instagram stories.
  • Use the Facebook live features to address your topic.
  • Leverage Facebook groups to share the content to the wider audience.
  • Start running ad campaigns on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Attract links to the content through email outreach.
  • You can make a slide video of the content with a voice-over to share on YouTube.
  • Ask people in your contact to share your content.
  • Get in touch with influencers to promote your content.

Making use of trending topics will help in brand building, brand awareness, audience engagement, boosting traffic and link building.

You need to add relevant and trending topics to update your marketing strategy through content.

Hope these tips will help you increase website traffic.

Happy trending 🙂


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