Of all the rooms in any home, the kitchen is the place where there are vast opportunities for accidents waiting to happen.

No matter if you are the experimental one, the experienced one or just trying your hand at cooking, there are certain essential things to keep in mind in the kitchen other than cooking tasty food.

If you have ever had a minor heart-stopping moment in the kitchen, then you know what we talk about.

It is okay to be adventurous with your cooking but never anything remotely testy when it comes to safety.

To keep your kitchen safe and free from hazards, here are some basic points to follow and adopt in your everyday kitchen life.

1. Clean the Kitchen Quickly

A lot of us are quite energetic when it comes to cooking but our energy levels start to dwindle when it comes to cleaning.

clean the kitchen quickly

We postpone the cleaning, push things around or try some shortcuts to avoid the cleaning.

Here’s the bitter truth: there are no shortcuts to cleaning the kitchen.

Moreover, the most vital point here is, if you don’t clean up after yourself or clean the mess in the kitchen, it can lead to accidents.

Some spilled water on the floor, the grease near the stove or a slippery fruit peel on the floor can harm you or your family.

If you want to avoid getting hurt, then it is best to stop being lazy or procrastinating and get to the cleaning part immediately.

2. Check the Smoke Detectors Regularly

When was the last minute you climbed up to check if the smoke detector is working?

smoke detector

Many even disconnect the smoke detector as they feel it is a nuisance and just keeps it as a decorative piece in the kitchen!

Don’t ever do that!

Smoke detectors are being enforced for a purpose, and every one of us understands it very well.

Therefore, install a working smoke detector and check it regularly every few months.

The smoke detectors work on batteries, and you should change new batteries at least twice every year.

Investing in a good smoke detector can go a long way in saving you and your family in times of fatal accidents in the kitchen.

3. Keep a Fire Extinguisher in the Kitchen

A fire extinguisher can come in handy when things get out of hand and could convert into a potential accident.

fire extinguisher
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You may have boiled the oil too much because of which it caught fire or the meat on the stove could be overheated and start burning.

On all these occasions, a fire extinguisher nearby can stop the situation from turning into a hazard.

It isn’t just enough to install a fire extinguisher in the kitchen.

It is essential to know how to use it and teach everyone in the home how to use it.

There are different grades of fire extinguishers and therefore, educate your family about what this fire extinguisher can and cannot do.

This way, even if you aren’t in the home or cannot come to the rescue, someone in the home can handle the fire effectively with the extinguisher.

4. Keep Your Clothes and Hair Away

Often, the silliest reasons can be the cause of the fire.

keep your clothes and hair away

We must do whatever we can to make the kitchen a safe place and it includes how we dress.

Do not wear too loose clothes or clothes that have hanging sleeves or flowy dresses.

Also, women shouldn’t wear their hair loose.

Even if you take all precautions and be careful with your dress around the fire, there can be other related situations when you may trip on your dress and hurt yourself or fall with a hot substance on your hand.

There are a hundred things that can go wrong with flying clothes and loose hair and it is best to avoid such situations in the first place.

Even if you are wearing any flowing dress, wear an apron which covers the loose clothes and doesn’t allow the dress to flow around.

Please have a few clips handy in the kitchen and pin it behind your ear and keep your hair on the back.

A small incident can lead to disastrous results in the kitchen.

Hence, take all the precautions you can, follow the above points and keep your kitchen safe.


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