Embarking on a road trip is filled with lots of adventure, surprises and happy moments.

You may have planned on hitting several places along the way, stopping at random stops, discovering hidden places and making it one hell of a trip.

To keep yourself prepared for the unexpected during your road trip, here is a consolidated guide for packing for a road trip checklist.

The Ultimate Road Trip Checklist

The Must-Haves to Bring on a Road Trip

If you are ready to go on a road trip, then you must also be prepared to face everything that comes your way.

The road trip journey may not always be a pleasing one and therefore, your road trip checklist should have some of the essentials that you will help you through any issues.

must have road trip items
  • A Physical Map

Well, we all love to use our smartphones for the maps, but it is not always the reliable one when you are in the middle of nowhere and your phone stops working.

It is best to have a physical road map of the place you are travelling, just in case.

Don’t dig up an old map from your basement and use it as a backup option.

Get a new version of the map to make sure that you can actually depend on it when the time comes.

  • First Aid Kit

This is another neglected item from the road trip checklist but should be the first priority.

Have a small, functional first aid kit which contains the essential medicines some antiseptic ointments, bandages and cotton in your handbag.

This can be valuable when you are in the middle of nowhere and the nearest hospital is miles away.

  • Flash Light

If you want to go out in the dark, check out something or for your safety reasons, carry a flashlight with you. Keep it in an accessible place from where you can take it quickly even in darkness.

  • Bug Sprays

When on the road, sometimes your accommodation may be good and sometimes, it can be worse. Sometimes, you may have to camp under the open sky or walk in the middle of a thick section of trees to get to a spot.

For all these kind of occasions, have bug sprays or ointments to lather on your body to ensure you have good night’s sleep.

The Essential Car Checklist Before a Road Trip

Things That Must Definitely Have a Place in the Car

essential car checklist before a road trip

No matter if you are driving your own car or a rental, before you start your journey, have this road trip car checklist with you and tick off the things one by one.

  • License and Car Registration

These are the obvious ones that must be in your car else you can find yourself coming back from your trip sooner than you thought!

  • Extra Car Key in a Bag

Though this is technically not something you should keep in your car, this road trip checklist car isn’t complete without an extra car key. Sometimes, we lock the car with the car keys inside it. During such times, when you have a spare car key in your wallet or a carry-on bag that you will take with you whenever you get down, it will be much better.

  • Spare Tire and Jack

A spare tire, jack and its supporting tools are compulsory for any road trip. Check the pressure of the tire before you start to ensure that it is in ready condition.

  • Roadside Emergency Kit

This is different from the first aid kit you should have in your bag. This will have all the items that your car may need in times of any car troubles and some things which can be used by you too.

Road Trip with Toddler Checklist

What to Pack in Your Car When You Are Travelling with a Toddler

Who said you could not have an enjoyable road trip when travelling with a toddler?

All you need to do is to stay prepared with all the things that your baby needs and you can be off to spend some fantastic days on the road!

Here is a complete road trip with toddler checklist of everything you need when you have a toddler in the car with you.

road trip with toddler checklist
  • Diaper and Diaper Bags

Count the number of diapers your toddler will need throughout the entire trip and add in some ten or more diapers extra in case of emergencies or delays.

  • The Favorite Toy

You don’t need to pack several toys to keep your toddler engaged for the road trip. Just that one toy that your toddler loves to play with and maybe another one that he or she wants to have it on the side when sleeping.

  • Blankets, Cap and Socks

Toddlers feel the cold and wind a lot more than us and therefore, it is vital to have some warm blankets, a comfy hat or cap and a few pairs of socks to keep them warm. It is better to pack the blanket that the toddler generally sleeps in at home as this will make them more comfortable.

  • Car Seat and Stroller

Make sure to get a collapsible stroller to take your toddler around with you on your exploration. And a car seat is a must-have to keep your toddler safe during any bumpy rides along the way.

  • Baby Food

When travelling, you can pick up something along the way and munch on it and be flexible with the time you eat.

However, you must maintain the same schedule of eating that you maintained at home too.

Have sufficient amount of baby food – the regular ones – with you and feed your toddler at proper intervals.

This road trip checklist can be used for your last-minute checking before you take off. Make sure to have every single item mentioned in this checklist with you as these are the things that can make your travel comfortable and safe.


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