Submission Guidelines

To maintain the high standard of content on our website, all the contributors and writers are required to follow strict submission guidelines so that we can offer only the best to our visitors.

These guidelines not only help us regulate the quality of articles but also benefits the writers as it pushes them to do their best and improve their writing skills.

We operate under the following submission guidelines mentioned below:

  • Copyright laws – We do not support any sort of plagiarism. We pride ourselves on showcasing original articles written by the authors and if we find any duplication of any sort, then we refuse to publish it on our website, and this rule holds true under any given circumstances. If you wish to submit an article on some other writer’s behalf then it is your duty to take permission from the original author before you do so. Violation of this rule may result in the removal of all your content from our website.
  • We are a child-friendly and family friendly website so we steer clear of certain topics which involve mentions of:
    Gambling and other games which involve gambling like Blackjack, Poker. Mentions of betting in horse riding and cricket can also result in the removal of the article.
    Drug usage and prescription: This includes the usage of marijuana as well as hallucinogenics. We also stay away from articles which promote the use of certain types of over-the-counter drugs and pills. We also reject articles which promote the use of weight loss and diet pills, pills for hair growth, pills related to sexual disorders, etc.
    Pornographic material, mentions of sexual acts, sex toys, sex work and medication for improving sexual life.
    Violence and weapons
    Racist, sexist and other discriminating content. We want to be a welcome portal for all types of clients so that any hateful material will be removed immediately without prior notice as well.
    – Substance abuse like alcohol consumption, smoking, and drugs.
    Piracy of music, movies and all different types of content
    – Copyright and trademark infringements/ this brings us back to the point we stated before – any type of duplication is not welcome at any cost.
  • We only accept original content through and through – By this we mean that we don’t accept plagiarized content and also articles which have been spun from already existing content. We want fresh and new articles, so show us what you’ve got!
  • All articles need to adhere to the word limit. As per Google’s search engine algorithm, we only accept articles which have 800 words or more. Articles short of this will be rejected automatically. Make your words count!
  • All articles need to be proofread thoroughly. We want professional articles so spelling and grammar errors are absolutely unacceptable.
  • Your blog should be well-structured such as:
    <H1>Your blog title</H1>
    <H2>Sub-heading including your targeted keyword</H2>
    <H3>, <H4>…<H5>

See this example: 30 Amazing & Fun Things to do in Melbourne (Ultimate List)

  • Use short paragraphs.
  • Use copyright free or original images.
  • Take care of keyword density.
  • Don’t add any kind of affiliate or promotional links.

Note: We publish guest article from fellow bloggers for free. However, if you would like to add a commercial link in the article, we may charge an editorial fee to publish the article on our website. 

  • Submit your article here:

We as publishers reserve the right to take any of the following actions –

  • Remove any type of duplicated content
  • Remove and/or reject articles which don’t meet the 800-word criteria
  • Remove and/or reject articles which are repetitive with links and keywords. As a thumb rule, we only allow 2 links in one article. Any more than 2 links in an article, and it is sure to get rejected.
  • Remove and/or reject articles which don’t use relevant and appropriate keywords
  • Remove and/or reject articles which contain broken links
  • Move an article from one category to another, depending on the content and how well it fits in a particular niche.

We make it point to state the submission guidelines as clearly as possible from the get-go. If the articles being submitted are not in accordance with the guidelines, then we reserve the rights to take whatever action seems most suitable.

We advertise on our website as it is a part of our revenue system.