Big Ben, Tower Bridge, Madame Tussauds, Coca-Cola London Eye, Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, Kensington Palace, London Dungeon; need I say more?

I must say that my visit to London had my mind blown!

What more could a person who loves travelling ask for when their job requires travelling across the globe?

My latest trip was to London, and I couldn’t stop rambling about it as soon as I reached back home!

The best part about London was its weather and the scenery that comes with it.

I visited London during autumn and oh my!

Sitting in the park with varied shades of yellow in front of my eyes was undeniably the finest part of my visit.

Travelling to London in autumn gave me an opportunity to see various traditional events and festivals apart from the famous attractions and monuments of London.

Thames festival, Lord Mayor’s show were some of my favourite events.

Also with Halloween around the corner and thanks to the weirdness running in my blood, I made it a point to visit spooky places and famous graveyards!

I couldn’t imagine my Halloween better than this!

I was awestruck with London’s architecture, which also encompasses most of its attractions.

There is some special connection between the place and colours.

One thing running on my mind constantly was, “is this place weaved up of colours?”

Being an introvert, I enjoy the silence more than the glam and London satisfied the loner in me completely.

I look forward to my next visit with more elaborate plans!


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