I always dreamt of going to Manchester as all my friends had been there and I had heard exciting stories from them.

As I grew up my wish to visit this pace changed from ‘going there merely because my friends had been there’ to ‘quenching my thirst of travelling and knowing more about this place.’

So the first thing I did with my first salary was to visit Manchester.

I loved travelling alone and explored every nook and corner wherever I went.

Growing up as a girl, I was always warned about travelling alone.

But I took the chance and decided to visit Manchester alone!

As with the case of many developed cities, Manchester is safe (provided you are aware of the time and place).

Apart from its Safety, I was stunned by the number of things this city was ready to offer me.

Let me go in order; starting with the people of Manchester. I felt at home with Mancunians friendliness and big hearts.

But as a foodie, the first thing I notice about a place is its food and restaurants.

And Manchester did not disappoint me its wide options of restaurants!

Where do I even start with Manchester’s fantastic architecture and the various festivals?

I also made a point to visit the Bridgewater Hall to get exposed to the field of arts.

And the things I loved the most? Manchester’s street art!

I had the lifetime experience here and will be forever grateful to Manchester for teaching me to break my boundaries!


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