As much as technology has increased, so has the vulnerability of the valuables you take to carry.

The valuables you carry and sometimes, even the usual stuff you have are prone to thefts based on the location you travel.

While there are a lot of affordable travel options out there, it is vital to invest in the safety of your valuables as much as you invest in buying the valuables itself.

Many travellers lose their laptops, cameras and even their entire bags often during international travels.

If you want to keep your valuables bought from hard-earned money safe, here are a few things to follow.

1. Invest in a Theft-Proof Bag

While you may have a lot of clothes, accessories, toiletries in your travel bag, some of them can be worth a lot more.

You can get a small anti-theft bag inside which you can keep the valuable items. These anti-theft bags are slash-proof, water-resistant with RFID-blocking technology and therefore, keeps your things safe inside.

You can also have a small RFID-protected bag to keep your valuables safe inside it like your credit cards and passports.

In case it gets stolen, your personal information cannot be used. On a side note, you shouldn’t leave your valuables at any point in the hotel room or in any place you stay in even if it looks trustworthy. These bags are supposed to be carried by you with all the valuables placed in it wherever you go.

Apart from this, you can invest in a TSA lock which can be opened by a universal key.

Sometimes, bags with non-TSA-locks can be cut when they want to inspect it carefully.

2. Get a Travel Insurance

Though you may take extreme precautions to keep your things safe, it is always best to have some cushion in case something went wrong.

Several insurance options will cover your laptop and other electronic items in case if they get damaged while travelling. It will help you in repair by any local laptop repair shop.

When you are choosing an insurance provider to cover your valuables, make sure to know all the details including the coverage, the limits and the liability.

Also, make sure to have the complete procedure to claim the insurance, just to be on the safer side.

Have a soft copy of this procedure saved in a cloud or have a hard copy with you at all times so that that you can claim your loss soon.

3. Keep Your Data Protected

When you keep your things protected during the travel, don’t exclude one of the essential things of all – your data.

Data is a valuable asset when it gets in the right hands and it can be exploited for illegal purposes. Anyone can gain access to your emails, your bank details and a lot more when they get the right data.

Therefore, have proper protection measures in all your devices where you have essential data – laptops, mobile phones and storage devices.

Be careful when using public wifi. It is understandable that you survive most of the time on public wifi, but that doesn’t mean you can be careless.

Invest in some good anti-virus and online monitoring system to ensure no one can gain access to your information through it.

Beware of using anyone else’s physical devices along with your own.

Even in the worst scenarios that your device gets stolen, make sure to have protection measures, which are either self-destructive or cannot be hacked to keep your information. ion away from the unscrupulous people.

4. Keep a Low Profile of Your Valuables

This is one of the basic advice but something a lot of us need. As we travel, we meet new people, interact with them and talk about our lives.

During this time, it is natural to let a detail or two slip about the valuables we carry or our status. Since these are strangers about whom we know nothing about, it is best to keep a low profile in new places.

Do not flash too many pricey items around unless it is required. You will obviously need to take out your laptop and camera in public places but limit the pricey jewellery, watches or shoes to a minimum.

Make sure to follow these tips mentioned to keep your traveling safe and still enjoyable!


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